For pimples and black spots

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Price : US$ 10 for 15 gms.
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Chandramukhiis made from a combination of herbs under specially developed process, which makes it very effective on any kind of PIMPLES and BLACK SPOTS.

It gives very quick results (a remarkable difference within only three days of application). Not only this, it also removes years old hardened pimples and black spots. It can also be used as FACE PACK.

Mode of application :
  • Take required quantity of Chandramukhi Herbal Powder and mix it with pot water to get creamy medicine. Wash face properly and dry it, apply the creamy medicine covering pimples/ black spots completely and some surrounding area.
  • Depending upon the surface to cover - the powder is to be taken, say if there is two - three pimples or black spots and about a inch of area to cover, take about one gram of powder and slowly mix it with water drop by drop - and when the preparation become cream - like any other face cream, use the same only on affected area.
  • When you apply the medicine, it looks like dark brown - like mud on the skin. Once applied ? wash it our after 15-20 minutes. (Within two-three minutes after application, it will dry up - but wash the same only after 15-20 minutes).
  • It shows the effect within three to four days and a noticeable difference within a week. If possible try to apply the same two three times in a day.

    Note :
    Chandramukhi Powder is not effective on the natural black spots or pigmentation (e.g. moles, freckles). It is a remedy for only those blackheads - or black spots which are a result of pimples. When a pimple appears on the skin and in the process when the pimple become dry, it leaves behind a mark, and for that black mark/spot - Chandramukhi is remedy. For other black spots it is not indicated.

    Contents :
     Rakta Chandan
     (L: Pterocarpus Santalinus)
     100 mg.
     (L: Symplucos recemosa)
     100 mg.
     (L: Santalum Album)
     100 mg.
     Kutha  100 mg.
     (L: Nelumbo nucifera)
     100 mg.
     (L: Berberis Aristata)
     100 mg.
     (L: Myristica Fragrans)
     100 mg.
     Arjun Chhal
     (L: Terminalia Arjuna)
     100 mg.
     Multani  100 mg.
     Khapariya  100 mg.

    Presentation :
             15 gms. in plastic jar.

    Prices :
             US$ 10 for 15 gms.
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