To cure Anemia and General Weakness

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Price : US$ 40 for 30 capsules.
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100% pure herbal medicine for anaemic patients gives sure response within 7 days to all the patients and cured stage result within 21 days. However a 90- days continuous treatment is required for Hb (Haemoglobin) stability and  thus stabilized Hb will generally not be lowered/disturbed after
discontinuation of the treatment on completion of 90 days therapy.
Results are equally good even for the patients suffering from life ? threatening diseases ? such as Cancer.

Additional Benefits :
  • Improves Metabolism
  • Gives relief in Insomnia
  • Acting as Anti-depressant agent
  • Acting as Anti-ageing agent
  • Increases body resistance
  • Very good during pregnancy and Leucorrhoea
  • Removes black pigmentation under eyes
    There are innumerable uses of Rakta Herbal Capsules.

    ATTENTION : Rakta is very effective in the following indications :
  • Anemia (Low Haemoglobin)
  • General Tonic in Advance cancer
  • Along with cancer chemotherapy (CT) to prevent Bone Marrow Depression
  • As a Bone Marrow Stimulants, in drug induced Bone Marrow Depression
  • Health Tonic in Geriatrics (old Persons)

    Other extraordinary features of Rakta :
    It is considered as an answer to the side effects of Chemotherapy and Dialyses. It nullifies the side effects of Chemotherapy and Dialyses.

    Contents :
     Sanjivani  050 mg.
     Mandur Bhasma  050 mg.
     Silajit  050 mg.
     Lindipiper  050 mg.
     Musli (Safed)  100 mg.
     Vidarikand  100 mg.
     Kadiyatu  100 mg.

    Doses :
    For Adult ? One capsule a day for routine therapy. For a patient undergoing treatment of chemotherapy and Dialyses two capsules a day (Morning and Evening).
    For children below 12 years : Half a dose of adult (To be given exactly)

    Presentation :
             Pack of 30 Capsules in plastic jar.

    Prices :
             US$ 40 for 30 capsules.
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